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Welcome to our website.  I discovered A Course in Miracles in the late 70’s.  I was delighted with the title and it’s potential.  I lived in Hawaii at the time and there were many programs available in Hawaii in the 70’s and 80’s.  The most popular was the est Foundation where 1 out of every 7 people had done the est training in Hawaii including the governor and I was active in most.  The 12 Step program was also rather popular even though it had a stigma attached to it.  The 12 Step program really got to the core of the matter…turning your will and your life over to the care of God as we understand Him. 

A Course in Miracles groups then were lead by people like myself who wanted to experience all that it had to offer.  Even though we all put ourselves into it, none of us took it literally and so its true depth evaded us.  I heard Master Teacher on an audio tape and knew that was my next step.  I finally arrived in Wisconsin at the teachers’ academy (then called Gods Country Place) and my experience confirmed that I was in the right place for my next step and decided to move here from Hawaii and all the beauty that it offered. 

It felt like a first step and all my other steps were getting me to here.  Through my daily endeavor, I took the Course literally and began to know the freedom that comes from releasing your past and forgiveness.  It seemed like an endless list but I persevered.  My Inner guidance told me that it might take some time to undo what I and others had taught me but not to worry, all would be used.

So I did.  I didn’t know how at the time but I came into a place of trust which was the beginning step and from there happiness became a way of being and not something that I experienced sometimes if I was lucky.  I knew that was quite fleeting in this world.

Pastor Henry had a local radio show here called Miracles on the Air and he was off on an adventure in Europe teaching and asked me to join him on the radio.  That was the beginning of my time here on the radio.  We have grown together and I am so grateful.

It is a pleasure to offer these truths weekly and to learn them at such a deep level as I am

being used to express myself  in this way.

Thank you for joining me every Sunday and on the web.  As I said, it truly is my privilege.


Your brother in Christ

Pastor Linda Mary


Feel free to copy the shows, make requests, call me, or join at a teaching session in a class or advent around the world.